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Courtyard Architecture: along the Silk Roads, around the World

This comprehensive volume presents courtyard architecture in 48 countries around the world, with building functions ranging from residential, educational, medical, imperial, civil, religious, among others, courtyards. The study of different courtyard building types provides greater insights on the variety of the use and benefits of courtyards in different settings, although the main study is on residential courtyards.

The courtyard house is one of the oldest dwelling types, spanning at least 5,000 years, and occurring in distinctive forms in many parts of the world across climates and cultures. Past research findings show that the courtyard house is environmentally friendly and energy efficient, and that courtyard housing creates healthier and happier communities than other housing forms such as tower blocks, especially for children and the elderly. However, previous books on courtyard housing often have a limited scope, not on a global scale, and there is still a lack of knowledge on how the courtyard facilitates environmental, economic, social, and cultural benefits for the humanity. The book aims to fill the gap and promote the courtyard concept in contemporary architecture and urbanism, to preserve the common heritage of humanity, and to design and develop new courtyard buildings for social health and happiness. The book also aims to explore the architectural-cultural interactions and influences among the nations along the ancient and the New Silk Roads, which has occurred not only in Eurasia, but also Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and other places around the world.

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Editors: Donia Zhang, Magda Sibley
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